A lesson Tesla and Faraday could learn from Mazda
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The deeper reason why the 2017 Mazda Miata RF arriving early matters

Mazda has exceeded expectations again with the 2017 Miata RF.

Owner Dave Putter was handed the keys to his new 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF at the Los Angeles Auto Show by none other than Mazda North America’s President and CEO Masahiro Moro. Dave looks pretty excited in the images Mazda supplied the press, and he should be, his expectations were not met, they were exceeded. The car he ordered from Mazda came two months earlier than promised.

This experience is the exact opposite of that prvided by car makers who tease out exciting new models or fun trims of existing models, and then don’t deliver on time, or don’t deliver what the concept car promised. Worse, are the automakers who consider the owners who purchase their products “beta testers.”

Mazda’s hard-top convertible fast-back Miata came out of nowhere. Yes, we owners and fans knew that Mazda would very likely introduce a hard-top of some type since the company always has in the past. The NC Miata’s PRHT version was very popular, and many assumed the new ND Miata introduced in 2016 would simply follow suit. Instead, Mazda blew away expectations and created a Miata that is now unique among its sibling generations. Even cooler, Mazda didn't mention the RF until it was done and ready. Contrast that with the EV automakers that announce cars before they are even designed.

Mazda is one of the smallest automakers globally and in the U.S. market. Despite this small footprint, Mazda continues to excel. Whether it is being the most fuel-efficient automaker in America, or pulling in the production schedule two months to deliver cars to pre-order customers early, Mazda knows that the best way to retain a loyal customer base is to simply exceed expectations.

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