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Chevy teases fans in a preview, claiming significant change to 2014 Camaro SS that could be a twin turbo V6

Stating in its announcement that the fifth generation 2014 Chevrolet Camaro will see its "Most significant changes" ever, one has to wonder if the news this week about GM's new twin turbo V6 is just a coincidence.


Chevy wants buyers to know that the 2014 Camaro SS will see the most significant changes so far since the fifth generation car was introduced five years ago. That is good news since the changes so far have been pretty much invisible. Maybe a trim piece here and a radio knob color there. “Significant changes” has the ring of a possible engine change and this article will now speculate mightily on that topic.

Why might the fifth generation 2014 Camaro SS see an engine change? One reason is that when a manufacturer introduces an “All-New” car they usually aren’t’. The risks of changing the chassis, running gear and drivetrain all at once have taught auto makers that it is better to change one major part at a time. For example, Toyota recently introduced the first new Toyota RAV-4 since the Stone Age. It is an “All-new” car. Except it uses the same engine as the outgoing car. Similarly, Lexus has just introduced a new IS350 and it too uses the same engine as before. The reverse can also be true and Chevy will introduce the 6th generation Camaro at some point in the next two years. Five years on a platform is a long time and Chevy can’t wait to see the new Mustang and other competitors come out with modern cars without also making a body and chassis change. In order to manage the change cycle (and likely recalls and warranty issues that always arise) Chevy might make a change now to the engine.

This begs the question of what engine might the 2014 Camaro SS move to? Hmm. Does Chevy have a new engine that can create the same power that the current SS’ mill does? That power rating is 426 horsepower in manual transmission form and 400 in automatic transmission form. Hey, coincidentally, TorqueNews' Patrick Rall reported just two days ago broke the story that the new Cadillac CTS will have a twin turbo, 3.6 liter V6. And guess what the power rating is. 420 horsepower! What an interesting coincidence.

Of course the new 2014 Camaro SS might just get a new radio knob, new plastic front fascia, and spell SS backwards. If so, Chevy’s announcement that this is the “Most significant change” will be pretty uninteresting. We will know either way on March 27th when Chevy pulls back the curtain on its new Camaro SS. What do you think the new SS will be like? Comment below.


Steve Rock (not verified)    March 20, 2013 - 9:11PM

An SS model with a V6 would spell the end of the SS line. What moron would even contemplate such a move? Twin Turbo is for Ford Taurus. Consumer Reports has already said what everyone already knew: turbo is hype. Unless you have access to racing fuel the engine will always be detuning itself to avoid detonation from a too high effective compression ratio. A naturally aspirated big block or moderately blown big block making over 500 horse would get my attention. Leave the turbos to the imports or any vehicle weighing less than 2800 lbs. A Camaro SS should never have anything less than 8 cylinders, preferably big ones. A V6 TT would be lethargic off the line in such a big car. If GM rolls out a Camaro SS with a V6 - I've lost all respect for the SS moniker.

Anonymous (not verified)    March 20, 2013 - 10:02PM

In reply to by Steve Rock (not verified)

It`s a perfect chance for GM to take 100`s of pounds of weight out of the Camaro and make it a better handling car.
Cars in general have gotten too damn heavy...lighter materials throughout and a TT V6 would be an interesting option.

John Goreham    March 21, 2013 - 11:46AM

In reply to by Steve Rock (not verified)

I agree. However, let's be real. GM puts the 3.6 V6 in a lot of Camaros and sells them to happy people, and is going to put the "Gasp!" 2 liter turbo in that car. So in the pecking order, a twin turbo V6 would be the 3rd best that car could have. After the ZL-1's 580 hp beast and the current 6.2 V8.

Aaron Turpen    March 21, 2013 - 3:56PM

I suspect that if Chevrolet does do this, it will mainly be to comply with new CAFE rules. I agree, though, while it's a nice option on paper, it will likely do to the SS line what CAFE downsizing did to them back in the late 1970s.