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Chevy Donates 50 trucks for Hurricane Sandy relief

GM's Chevy division steps up to help out with disaster relief for the states most heavily impacted.

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The day after hurricane Sandy blew into New Jersey and surrounding areas Chevy donated 50 Silverado full size pickup trucks to the American Red Cross. These tough, proven vehicles will be used by the Red Cross to help administer disaster relief to the people most in need. The trucks are also being pulled from local inventory closest to the areas most in need. That will help boost the sales number of the dealerships who can expect weeks of little or no business as the community gets back on it feet.

More Than Just Trucks
GM’s OnStar division also contributed, outfitting each of the trucks with hands free calling and cellular minutes. The trucks will also have Directions and Connections, a turn by turn navigation system that OnStar offers which includes a live advisor’s help if the driver so chooses. The GM foundation had earlier donated $250,000.00 to the Red Cross for disaster relief to use at its discretion. Neal Litvack, Chief Development Officer of the American Red Cross commented in a recent press release on GM’s generosity ,saying “The impact of Hurricane Sandy is being assessed up and down the East Coast and even further west, and the road to recovery will be long for many families. GM’s generous donation of vehicles and the GM Foundation’s donation of finances will help the American Red Cross to respond with shelter, food and care, aiding affected residents now and after the storm, as they move toward recovery.”

At GM It’s Personal
General Motors started is foundation in 1976 and to date has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to a variety of causes. A program like this cannot endure without support from the top levels of management. Dan Akerson is presently the top man at GM and he and his wife Karin don’t just “talk the talk. They walk the walk.” Together they recently donated Dan’s extremely rare 1958 Corvette to Habitat for Humanity. As if that were not enough, they also put in $1 million of their own money to a housing redevelopment program in Detroit.

While stories of Americans pulling together are common, this level of corporate and personal generosity is not. If you would like to make your own donation to the Red Cross simply click here to get started.

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