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Car Talk Announces Golden Wrench Awards For Best Online Driver's Ed Courses

Are you looking for the best online driver's education course available? Car Talk can help.

Car Talk has been hard at work trying to figure out which of the many online driver's education courses are the best. Specifically, Car Talk's Julie Bausch, who actually sat through all of the courses Car Talk ranked. Ask her about passing a school bus, we dare you!

Car Talk grants its Golden Wrench Award to the brands or companies it deems the best in various areas of automobile ownership. This week, the publication released its findings related to online driver’s ed classes. Five of the best online driver’s ed classes earned the Golden Wrench. All scored at least a three out of five. We will overview the top two best driver’s ed classes according to Car Talk, and let you head over to the summary page to read more.

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#1 Aceable
Car Talk found that Aceable had the best score overall, an impressive 4.9/5. The findings were that Aceable is not only an excellent program in terms of content, but is user-friendly and engaging. Classes can be taken on any device, include accessible audio and video, and manage to make the dry subject matter interesting and fun (hand signals you’ll never use in your lifetime, yeah!). Car Talk also found the site itself easy to use and intuitive.

#2 Improv Traffic School
Car Talk scored the Improv Traffic School at a solid 4.8/5. Improv is a great online driver’s ed program specializing in keeping the student engaged in the materials. Classes mix text, audio, and video to hold the attention of the student using comedy whenever possible (Why did the state trooper cross the road?). Car Talk’s Julie B found the site to be user-friendly and engaging.

In addition to ranking the top online driver’s ed classes from top to bottom, Car Talk also offers tips and advice on what to look for in a class offered in your state. Of course, the information includes a listing of what classes are offered where. Car Talk's summary page also addresses in-person driver’s ed classes.

If you're looking for a driver's ed class you can take on your phone for the lowest practical price, check out Car Talk’s list of the best driver's ed on its summary page on this topic. While you’re there, why not check out what Ray and the other Car Talk team members have been up to?

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