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Car Talk Announces Golden Wrench Awards For Best Car Shipping Companies

Looking for the best car shipping company to ship your ride? Car Talk did the hard work for you already.

Car Talk has been hard at work over the past year researching the best service providers related to automobile ownership. The publication’s latest deep dive was into car shipping. If you are trying to find a car shipping company to move your car from place to place, do yourself a favor. Cross-check your cousin Thelma's hairdresser’s recommendation with the list that Car Talk has compiled before you load your car onto a truck behind the local Burger King.

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Car Talk’s top picks are granted the Golden Wrench award. This year’s list includes nine companies that have earned three or more stars out of a possible five. While no car shipping company earned a perfect score, three shipping companies did earn a score of 4.5 or better. We’ll detail those for you and let you head over to Car Talk to see the remaining award winners.

#1 and #2 Best Car Shipping Companies - AmeriFreight and Montway
The top spot overall was a tie between two car shipping companies, Montway and AmeriFreight. The two are not exactly the same type of company. AmeriFreight is a broker of sorts. This shipper works with the top five percent of over 11,000 carriers to negotiate the best rate on the customer’s behalf. AmeriFreight won’t consider a carrier with less than a 95 percent quality rating for its customers. Car Talk found that this carrier scored very well in all areas, except that the company had a limited quote tool and charges extra for insurance.

Montway is an actual car shipper. This company scored well in all areas, but Car Talk found the prices to be slightly above some others. However, you can offset that single disadvantage by paying cash.

#3 Sherpa
Are you a snowbird, or a person relocating a late-model (newish) car from one place to another? This is Sherpa’s area of focus. Sherpa specializes in door-to-door service and offers a price-lock promise, which means you won’t end up paying more than promised. That turns out to be something that reviewers often complain about with other shipping companies.

Car Talk’s Car Shipping summary page will answer the internet’s most pressing question related to this topic; “How much does it cost to ship a car?” There are also many tips and best practices listed for those who have never shipped a car before. To see the full Car Talk Golden Wrench review page, start here.

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