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Breaking Tesla News Includes a Recall, a Price Cut and an Autopilot Lawsuit

This week's Tesla News has a bit of everything. Don't miss the video!

The news this week from Tesla, Inc. expert and three-time Model S owner, Alex Guberman covers quite a diverse group of topics.

Tesla Recall
First up, Alex overviews a new recall on the Model X. It turns out that there is a parking brake issue that needs attention. The good news, sort of, is that the defect only affects Model X vehicles manufactured during a small time window. That, coupled with Tesla's very slow rate of production for the Model X, means that very few owners' cars in the U.S. will be affected.

Tesla Model S Price Change
Tesla has a new base Model S now that the '60 is discontinued. Tesla has dropped the introductory price by about $5k, but the new base model is still a bit more expensive than the old one that went away this past month. Tesla continues to tweak its Model S prices at the low end of its trims to prepare for the new Model 3, which in its top trims will likely come close to the price of a base Model S.

Autopilot Owners Sue Tesla
A new lawsuit by Tesla owners challenges Tesla to defend the functionality and safety of its Autopilot system. Now we get to find out if "it's a beta" is a legal argument.

Tesla Stock Price
Finally, Alex tells us what these three pieces of news have done to move the stock price of Tesla. If there is any causation, we are not seeing it.

Be sure to watch the video below.