Tesla, Inc. news for April 3rd includes infotainment surprises, Space X and investment updates.
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Info Surprise, Rocket Savings and Investment News in This Week's Breaking Tesla News

Tesla, Inc. news for April 3rd includes infotainment surprises, SpaceX and investment updates.

This week's Tesla, Inc. news from Alex Guberman, three-time Tesla owner, and founder of the Facebook Model S Owner's club, covers diverse topics.

First up, Tesla owners who recently updated the software and firmware in their cars received a surprise from Tesla, Inc, that fans referred to as an "Easter Egg." Elon Musk tweeted out the secret method by which owners could access a sketch pad on their infotainment screens. The drawings made by owners may be submitted, but we are not sure why, and what becomes of the content created.

Alex reports that SpaceX has passed a milestone. The company re-used part of a Falcon 9 rocket. By re-using the component, the company says it can save about a third of the cost of the launch.

Chines company Tencent has made a very large investment in Tesla, Inc. The five percent ownership stake is considered to be one of the largest made in Tesla. This new investment may have had some role in the Tesla stock movement for the week. In fact Audi is also working with Tencent and has deepened its ties with Chinese firms to beef up tech offerings.

Watch the video to see the stock update and more.

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