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Audi releases pictures of new 2013 R8 Spyder V10

Audi’s-all new convertible supercar is shown at the Interauto Car Show in Moscow

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Audi has posted new photographs of its all-new 2013 R8 V10 Spyder (convertible). The new car is derivative of the first generation’s styling, but much cleaner and crisper. One Torque News Staff member recently posted a half-joking commentary on the Audi R8 calling it “The ugliest Lambo” referring to the shared heritage with Lamborghini (Also owned by VW Group.) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but where the Lambo is a hairy chested, gold chain adorned slickster, the Audi R8 is an Armani suit. Both can be ordered with V10 engines and both brands offer convertibles. One other thing setting them apart is the relative size. On the road Lambos are beastly and huge. The R8 is just right sized.

When we first drove the Audi R8 V10 Spyder it was considered perhaps the perfect grand touring car – when fitted with the manual, gated transmission. Many did not like th “R-Tronic”, single clutch manual-matic transmission however. In the new generation that is fixed, and Audi is offering a new “S-Tronic” dual clutch automatic which should make this car one of the world’s best grand touring spyders.

Buyers should be aware that the driving experience of the R8 coupe is vastly different from the R8 Spyder (convertible). The R8 coupe is so buttoned down, so capable, that to find fun in the vehicle one has to drive at speeds that are felonious and deadly. The Spyder by contrast is a wonderful cruiser that can also hang with the most exclusive vehicles on the planet when pushed on back roads, or on track. It remains a mystery to some on our staff why the coupe is an option given the existence of the Audi TT in its most extreme configurations which offers a very similar driving experience for literally half the price. Expect about $175K to be the entry fee for this V10.

Audi has honed a near perfect blade for carving country roads and private race circuits and the new look only makes a fantastic car better.

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