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4 ways to maximize your electric vehicle's range

These four things are proven to make the most of your electric vehicle’s cruising range.

Electric cars are very sensitive to driver habits and their range can be affected dramatically by how the driver uses the car. There are also some insider tricks that many have learned that will allow an EV to meet or exceed its manufacturer’s stated range. Here is a compilation of things one should do in order to get the most range from their electric car.

Good Driving Habits
Everyone knows that a soft launch from a dead stop will always increase range. Less energy is used to get the car up to speed if you are soft on the accelerator. More important is to avoid driving up hills. EV drivers we know that only drive down-hill report a 20% increase in their range. Whenever possible choose the downhill route.

Fresh Electrons
Your utility is required by law (of physics) to recycle electrons. The electrons that make up the electricity you buy from them has been used many times before you ever get ahold of it. Some utilities offer both new and used electrons. Think of the electrons like oats. New oats taste great and provide your body with the energy you need to start the day. However, oats that have been through the horse once are not as appealing. Ask your utility if it offers new electrons and what the cost per kWh is compared to recycled.

Convert to Metric
The US is way behind the rest of the world. Everyone but us now uses kilometers instead of miles. Your EV will have a setting that will allow you to switch to these range units, and you will find that when you switch the overall range number will go up dramatically. Drivers we spoke to that made the switch report about 60% more kilometers of range than when using miles. If that works for you we also suggest switching to the metric unit for time.

Proper Maintenance
We can’t take the credit for this tip, but on an episode of Motorweek this past season the show highlighted the importance of a clean air intake filter for proper vehicle efficiency. Ask your mechanic to make sure your intake air filter is clean.

Combined these simple steps will have your EV range where it belongs. Pass the word.


Alex (not verified)    April 1, 2014 - 1:39PM

I think that you have let down the torque news readers. We may not be the smartest people in the world but we are smart enough to want smarter April fools gag article. Good luck next year.

dr. xylem galadhon (not verified)    April 3, 2014 - 11:31AM

As a Leaf owner, I actually rather enjoyed the piece and smiled (esp. at "fresh electrons" -- nice work!