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3 Big Changes Tesla Just Made to the 2016 Model S

The Model S continues to evolve. Here’s what’s new for this model year.

The Tesla Model S continues to defy critics. The company’s strong Model S sales are proof that the concept of a long-range, high-quality, electric sedan with class-leading performance is a formula for success. However, even the mighty Model S needs a nip and tuck after four years on the market. Here are the recent changes announced by Tesla Motors.

Tesla Model S – Updated Front Fascia -Side Character Line – Rear Diffusor
If there is any flaw in the otherwise perfect design of the Model S it is the nose. This is not the opinion of the writer; I have never found fault with it, but a frequent topic of discussion among owners and fans. The new nose has a more blunt appearance, and this tells us that the nose shown on the Model 3 at its reveal was not just a place-holder, but perhaps the working design. Tesla removed the chrome ring around the front vent area and also changed the bottom of the bumper.

Tesla isn’t quitting on chrome, though. The side now has a chrome strip at the bottom sill running the length of the car. Tesla added a new rear diffuser to the Model S as well. Perhaps the hardest change to spot.

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Tesla Model S – HEPA Filtration
Dusty where you live? Tired of breathing in diesel particulate while in traffic? Then you will love the new HEPA (high-efficiency particulate attenuation) filter that will remove more and smaller particles from the air entering the cabin. This is an option for Model S going forward.

Tesla Model S - Faster Charging
Faster charging times are always welcome. Tesla’s most recent battery system update update in the words of the company: “Now with a 48 amp standard charge, you can charge your Model S even faster when connected to higher amperage charging sources.”


xrayangiodoc (not verified)    May 13, 2016 - 11:55PM

My understanding is that maximum charging capacity on an AC charger with a second charger option (dealer installed) is now 72 amps compared to 80 amps on my dual charger equipped 2014 Model S. One step forward, one step back?