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2023 Tesla Model Y Is the Best Limo

We make the case that the Tesla Model Y makes a perfect livery vehicle.

Call them what you like; Airport cars, Uber Black cars, executive vehicles, limousines. We all need one once in a while. Rideshare vehicles that are a cut above the standard vehicles used for short hops around town. In 2023 what is the ideal vehicle of this type? Perhaps the Tesla Model Y.

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Tesla Model Y Passenger Space
Nobody wants to be stuffed into a cramped limo. The Tesla Model Y five-passenger cabin is roomy in back. This is particularly true if the passenger seat is pulled forward and the driver’s seat isn’t all the way to the rear of its settings. Tesla’s official specificiatons say there is just under 40 inches of rear headroom in the Model Y, 40 inches of legroom, and a generous 54 inches of shoulder room. These dimensions are helped by the Model Y’s relatively long 113.8-inch wheelbase.

The Tesla Model Y Is Very Safe
Arrive alive, I always say. The Tesla Model Y scores very highly on IIHS safety testing and has a great reputation for safety in real-world situations.

Image of Tesla Model Y limo by John GorehamTeslas Are Cool
Uber Black and airport limos are supposed to look sleek, stylish, and have a sense of gravitas. The Model Y has that in spades. There is no more futuristic-looking crossover its size on the market today. Arrive in style.

Teslas Are Quiet
Many of us want a quiet, stress-free ride when we are in a vehicle of this type. The Model Y is among the quietest vehicles made today. With no engine noise and a well-isolated cabin, the Model Y can creep in traffic silently or cruise with very low noise levels.

Image of Tesla Model Y limo cargo area by John GorehamTesla Model Y Cargo Area
Ample space for two passengers in the rear is not the Model Y’s only space advantage. The cargo area has a generous space for luggage. With 30.2 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the rear seats, the Model Y has about 50% more cargo volume than a midsize sedan like the Model 3. Need space for one more bag? The Frunk can swallow another 4 cubic feet.

Tesla Model Y Limo Disadvantages
The Model Y’s main disadvantage is that it rides stiffly in comparison to many other types of vehicles. This is due in part to the low-profile tires, but it is not that alone. The only other disadvantage is that the Model Y is not a full-size, three-row vehicle like a Chevy Suburban. And thank goodness it isn't!

Ride Share Are Ideal Electric Vehicles
One thing we like about seeing EVs used as rideshare vehicles of any type is that they are in use much of the day and night. An EV driven only an hour a day is a tremendous waste of limited EV battery capacity. A vehicle like a limo or rideshare vehicle racking up big miles on a daily basis is a smart use of limited resources that come at a high cost.

How would you feel if your airport limo was a Tesla Model Y? Tell us in the comments below.

Images of Tesla Model Y limo by John Goreham.

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