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2019 Ford Ranger Uses Radar To Make Towing Safer and Easier

Ford's new blind spot trailer monitoring system will help make towing safer.

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The all-new Ford Ranger arrives in early 2019. New for this generation will be a host of safety technologies new to the model. included will be a new radar-based blind spot system that alerts a driver to a passing vehicle when towing a trailer.

The new system doesn't just cover the length of the truck. Rather, it covers the full length of the truck plus the length of the trailer. The system will store up to three profiles which include the length of the trailer. As a vehicle begins to pass behind the trailer, the system will alert the driver and then show the alert until the vehicle passing is within view and has safely passed. This technology will be available on the XLT and Lariat trims. Base models will not have it standard.

forward crash prevention

One system that will be standard on all models is forward collision prevention and mitigation. Although not yet mandated by federal regulators, every newly designed vehicle in America is now being launched with this proven safety system which can cut rear-ending accidents by up to 40%.

The Ranger will also have rear cross-traffic alert available. This system helps to alert drivers that a vehicle is approaching when backing out of a parking space. Combined with its standard stop-start fuel saving system, the new Ranger will launch as a very modern truck.

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