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2017 Toyota Highlander - Pricing and Changes You Need To Know About

This year is not an all-new, but the 2017 Toyota Highlander line adds new trims and has some updates and price changes to be aware of if you are shopping for one.

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The new model year 2017 Toyota Highlander brings three important changes to the three-row crossover. The drivetrain is new. Toyota’s 3.5-liter, V6 engine receives new changes, and Toyota is calling it a new engine. Power is up. The transmission is also new to the Highlander. It is now an eight-speed, as opposed to the previous six-speed.

Toyota is also packaging in forward collision prevention and automatic emergency braking. This critical safety feature has been proven to reduce forward to rear-end collision by up to 40% and will be standard on all cars in about five years. Toyota is leading the way by making it standard now on key models. The system can cost thousands as an option on competitor’s models.
Toyota is adding a sporty-looking SE trim to the Highlander line. The Highlander Hybrid gets two new trims, for a total of four. A value-focused XLE and also a base LE will help the Highlander Hybrid find more budget-conscious buyers.
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Torque News looked closely at the prices for the Highlander line and for the most part, the prices are within one or two percent of the 2016 model year. The XLE changes the most, about 3% or $1200. However, the content, particularly the FCP and adaptive cruise control are now included, bringing the changes to near parity if a buyer would have wanted those options.
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The 2017 Highlander line ranges from about $30K for a basic, entry-level 2WD LE trim to about $48K for a Highlander Hybrid Platinum AWD. The Highlander Hybrid’s prices have come down by about 5%, and the top two trims are now about $2700 less expensive for 2017. In all, there are now 17 different combinations of the Highlander.

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