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2016 Toyota Tacoma Sales Hit New Peak, Still Ahead of Chevy Colorado

Although the GM trucks did very well, Toyota’s new capacity puts Tacoma way ahead.

This could have been the month that General Motors’ Chevrolet Colordo and GMC Canyon finally topped the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. The combined sales of the Colorado and Canyon at 13,389 in April is higher than some past months’ Tacoma sales. However, Toyota used all the tricks in the book to boost its Tacoma production and its sales also leaped this month. With Sales of 18,105 units, The Toyota Tacoma was up 2,450 units over last year’s April Tacoma sales. Torque News did an informal look back at the monthly sales figures of the Tacoma and we could not see any prior month having topped 18,000 units.

Both General Motors and Toyota have increased capacity inside their existing medium-duty truck factories as much as practical. The facilities operate on three shitfs and other than normal required maintenance (such as GM’s slowdown late last year) the factories are always producing. The market for medium-size trucks has yet to be completely saturated.

In related news, Nissan’s Frontier sales jumped to 7,510 units this month up almost 30%. Still, Nissan has badly timed the smaller than full size truck market surge and was caught with an old deisgn. Honda’s Ridgeline joined the party this month as well. Honda’s official sales number release shows exactly 1 Ridgeline was sold in April. That number won’t stay small for long. The Ridgeline could be a huge success for Honda.

Photo by John Goreham.