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2016 Toyota Camry Named a Top Ten By Consumer Reports

The Toyota Camry wins a lot more than the sales race.


Each month the Toyota Camry earns the most important contest of all, the sales number tally. More buyers choose the built-in-America Camry than any other car and have for many years. However, the Camry is a favorite not just of families, businesses, and police departments, but also of those who test and rank cars. This week, it is Consumer Reports (CR) who is singing the Camry’s praises by naming the car to its “10-Top Picks of 2016” list.

Consumer Reports isn’t telling the world anything it does not already know by saying “A quiet cabin, slick powertrains, a comfortable ride, and sound handling make it pleasant and capable. A Hybrid version delivers excellent fuel economy while remaining reasonably affordable. The solid Camry delivers year after year of outstanding reliability, which when combined with impressive crash-test results, make it a near-perfect sedan and one of our 10 Top Picks.” However, it is the objective rankings the Camry earns that impressed us when we dug into the Consumer Reports data on Camry.

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The 2016 Toyota Camry is tied for first overall in the Top 10 list CR created with an overall score of 83-84. That includes road test evaluations, but let’s look at the info that is not opinion-based that CR has compiled. Regarding reliability, the Camry is rated as high as possible with a score of “Excellent.” That is based on owner survey reports from three-quarters of a million owners. That sample size is just insanely large. Next, the Owner Satisfaction Score. At 75, Camry is not the top car in its class, but it beats many cars in the class “above.” For example, the premium Acura TLX scores just 72 on this scale. The Audi A4 scores a 74, the BMW 3-Series a 72 and the Cadillac ATS a 57.

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The 2016 Toyota Camry was the car model with the highest overall score on the new Consumer Reports 10 Top Picks list. You can view the list by subscribing to Consumer Reports at its website.