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2015 Toyota Prius Sleeper-camper

The ultimate on-the road salesperson’s car for upwardly mobile Japanese


During my time working in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, I had the chance to visit Japan three times. Although I did sleep in businessman’s hotels (they never said the words businesspeople in 1990s Japan) I never slept in one of the plastic tubes I saw near the train stations. I offer this bit of information because I think it relates to this customized Prius for sale in Japan by Camp-Inn Japan.

Called the Relax Cabin PHV, this Prius camper looks a bit phallic in profile, and it looks a bit like a port-a-potty from the back. The Prius isn’t much of a looker anyway, so it does not diminish its charm. The main advantage of the Relax Cabin is the owner can hang out in the back area working on a laptop and then retire at night in the upper berth.

Key features include an AC power inverter to power a microwave, rice steamer, or laptop (tablet, smartphone, watch or glasses). We shudder to think what the added weight does to a car that struggles to hit 60 MPH in 9 Mississippis. That weight also unloads the front wheels and raises up the center of gravity to about shoulder height. But hey, what camper doesn’t if you think about it?