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The 2015 Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 is track-oriented

Scion adds a bit of track bling to an already very track-able car.

Scion has introduced a race-inspired new version of the 2014 FR-S called the Release Series 1.0. Drawing on its rich racing legacy, the new custom Scion FR-S offers many of the performance and cosmetic upgrades sports car owners that track an FR-S would like in their car. In addition, the new FR-S is a great looking version of already sweet car. This new package brings the FR-S even closer to being a smart-man's Porsche Cayman.

The 2014 Scion Release Series 1.0 will have lowering springs and a dynamite aero kit with front and rear spoilers. The rest of the package is mainly limited to mainly non-performance parts.

The new equipment will include:
• TRD steering wheel
• TRD shift knob
• Black seats with T-pattern
• HID headlamps with LED daytime running lights
• Dual auto AC
• TRD logo cargo mat

Commenting on the new track-oriented package, Scion Vice President Doug Murtha said “It’s fitting that the first Scion FR-S Release Series draws on the rich motorsports history that inspired the FR-S design while standing out in new ways that will excite our drivers. FR-S enthusiasts will appreciate the side spoilers and lowered stance that deliver a look and feel meant for the track, at a price meant for them.”

Scion plans to build 1500 of the new series, which means that obtaining one should be reasonably easy. Prices will start under $30k. Deliveries are expected to begin in August.

Smaller photos are a conventional FR-S.