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2013 Nissan Quest priced lower than 2012 by Nissan

The 2013 Nissan Quest pricing has been announced by Nissan. If you just bought a 2012 stop reading now and select another Torque News story to avoid anger and frustration. That’s right, Nissan is pricing the 2013 Nissan Quest lower on its popular trim levels than the 2012 prices.


This is not unheard of in the world of automotive marketing, but it is not common.

Not only did Nissan reduce the price of its mid-level SV by $1,300, none of the Quest models will cost a buyer more than in 2012 if similarly equipped. The top of the line LE did increase in price by $290.00 but it now comes standard with the Around-View Monitor system that allows the driver to see all sides of the Quest while parking or driving in reverse. Every parent who drives their kids to and from sports knows that this option is no laughing matter. When backing a large vehicle up after a soccer game has let out being able to spot munchkins darting in between the maxi-vans is a very helpful feature. The SL version of the Quest is almost a grand less expensive as well. Nissan is clearly encouraging buyers to look hard at the about $30K models of this van. We could infer that Nissan thinks the Quest does well in that comparison to the market leaders (Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey).

The 2013 Nissan Quest was refreshed a couple years back and went from being a quirky looking maxi-van to a stylish upscale family mover. There is no bad engine in the Quest. The company’s well reviewed 3.5 liter V6 is the only engine. It is mated to a CVT transmission, but this is a good home for such a pairing (unlike in the Maxima which should have a dual clutch automatic with 6 or 7 speeds). We could list all the features this van has, but everything a buyer would expect is included. The seats all flip, fold, disappear and reappear as if by magic. Nissan does like to highlight that its step in height is a bit lower than competitors. That is how similar these vehicles have become.

Working families can use a break and Nissan’s lower 2013 prices should bring a smile to many faces. 2012 new buyers excluded.