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GM's list of car-related Mother's Day gifts

Although most don't consider car washes and road trips as suitable Mother's Day presents, a new GM survey suggests that many moms would prefer them over more traditional gifts.

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Although car-related gifts are not often associated with Mother’s Day, General Motors reports that a considerable amount of moms would like one. Whether its running errands, commuting or driving the kids to school, 9 out of 10 moms drive somewhere on a daily basis. With that statistic in mind, GM commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct a national online survey to find out what moms really want for their special day.

So what did the survey find? Well, it turns out that one in three moms, with kids under 18, would like their vehicle washed cleaned for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to spring for an air freshener after the car wash and vacuuming. Nearly 21 percent of all moms questioned said they would like to go on a family road trip on Mother’s Day. The study did not specify whether moms wanted to do the driving.

A smaller percentage of moms, 10 percent, indicated that they would like to have their gas tank filled. Whether it’s for monetary reasons or convenience, a gas tank fill-up is a simple, yet effective gesture to show mom you care.

Aside from the Mother's Day gift ideas obtained through the survey, GM also suggest purchasing OnStar FMV as a practical gift for mom. The hardware and installation is currently just $99.99 (until June 16), with subscriptions totaling $199 per year for the base package and $299 for the premium. The FMV system is compatible with more than 100 million vehicles on the road.

If you’re considering purchasing a more extravagant Mother's Day gift, such as a car, check out the Best New Cars for Moms article. The detailed list showcases the best vehicles for moms that are sporty, adventurous and environmentally inclined, to name a few.

Located in New York, Harris Interactive is a market research firm that works in a wide variety of industries located in North America, Europe and Asia. Harris is a member of numerous prominent research organizations including the US National Council on Public Polls, the British Polling Council, the Council of American Survey Research Organizations and the US Council for Marketing and Opinion Research.

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Image: GM

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