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Best new cars for moms - Mother's Day edition

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, Consumer Reports has created a list of the best new cars for moms of all types.

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Are you looking to get your mother or wife that special Mother’s Day gift? Well, how about a brand new car? As extravagant as that may sound, Consumer Reports has comprised a list of the best new cars for moms. The comprehensive list covers all types of moms that are outdoor inclined, environmentally conscious, empty-nesters and those in need of safe and reliable new cars.

New Moms
Since new moms already have a laundry list of things to worry about, their car shouldn't have to be one of them. According to Consumer Reports, new moms place the most importance on safety and cargo room, for their newborn children and baby gear. So what vehicles best correspond with the wants of new mothers? Small SUVs may be the best option due to their elevated height and easy baby seat installation. The top small SUVs are the Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4 based on safety scores, reliability and fuel economy.

Environmentally Conscious Moms
For some moms, the environment takes precedence. Moms looking for environmentally safe vehicles with great fuel efficiency must consider the Toyota Prius. On average, the Prius gets 44 mpg overall and also offers superior reliability. That said, the Prius might be a bit small for moms with larger families. In that case, the larger Prius V wagon, which features additional second-row and cargo space, is a great option. Despite the increased size, the Prius wagon still delivers an impressive 41 mpg overall.

Sporty Moms
Not to be confused with soccer moms, sporty moms are those who want a sporty ride, but still need suitable room for kids. These type of active moms might want to look at the BMW X3 and Volkswagen Tiguan; a pair of crossover SUVs. Also available are sporty wagons like the Acura TSX or Audi A4 and hatchbacks like the Volkswagen GTI. Collectively, all boast impressive handling, braking, acceleration, and are enjoyable to drive.

Adventurous Moms
While sporty moms and adventurous moms may both want exciting rides, the adventurously inclined require vehicles more suitable for hauling bikes, camping equipment and beach gear. The premiere rugged option on the list is the Subaru Outback, which touts ample cargo space and solid fuel economy. Moms interested in off-roading might want to opt for the versatile Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Empty-nester Moms
Are your kids going off to college or leaving the home? Empty-nester moms might want to transition from an SUV to a new sedan. The best choice for such moms is the Toyota Camry, a comfortable and refined vehicle that also gets a solid 27-mpg. Moms wanting more interior room might want to consider the Toyota Avalon. What about moms or grandmothers looking for a sporty or luxurious option? Consumer Reports contends that the Ford Mustang and Infiniti G37 are great buys for consumers thinking outside of the box.

Big Family Moms
Noticeably absent from the list thus far? Minivans. The tried and true minivan is still a great option for large families in need of plenty of room. Most notable is the Toyota Sienna, a minivan that offers generous cabin storage and in-vehicle entertainment system. Moms that want a slightly smaller vehicle should think about purchasing the Mazda 5, which earned high marks for combining sportiness, utility and affordability according to Consumer Reports.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. If you don't get that special ride on Mother's Day just keep dropping hints. Who knows, you just might see your dream vehicle in the driveway on Christmas.

Source: Consumer Reports

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