ZOED RC crash closeup

ZEOD RC crashes in the name of safety, with a piano

Safety can be beautiful and this video of the ZEOD race car smashing into a wall proves it.

What combines better than crash test footage and piano music? Not much.

Nissan's NISMO took footage from a recent crash test of the new ZEOD RC racer, which will be the team's Garage 56 entry at this year's Le Mans 24 Hours and which is expected to set a new standard after running a full lap on nothing but electricity.

The car is similar to the DeltaWing raced a couple of years ago and now being offered as an official race car option for Le Mans. Nissan hopes to take the ZEOD RC and use what they learn to make it a standard for the next season.

Back to the video, we have slow motion capture of the ZEOD RC's carbon fiber nose going head-on into a wall, per FIA crash test requirements. That footage is combined with Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 ("Moonlight Sonata") for an eerie, yet elegant one minute and forty-two seconds of viewing.

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