2012 Nissan 370Z

What You Can Do About Steering Lock Failure in the 2012 370Z

The 2012 Nissan 370Z is not part of Nissan's service bulletin for steering lock failures, but some are having the issue. What can you do to prevent or fix this on your Z car?

Back in 2013, Nissan issued a voluntary service campaign (aka National Technical Service Bulletin or TSB) for certain Z34 and R35 models of the 2009-2011 year range. This service bulletin was to replace the steering lock assembly on the 370Z and GT-R models. A possible fault in the Body Control Module (BCM) was preventing drivers from starting the engine under some circumstances. The issue was not addressed as a safety concern as it was not widespread enough nor was it an issue when the vehicle was in operation.

Despite that fix, though, some 2012 model year Nissan 370Z owners have reported a similar issue in forums and comment threads. These Z cars are not eligible for the NTSB or the free dealership fix. The procedure for the fix is the same, however.

The trick will be finding a replacement Steering Lock Unit Assembly that is not of the part run that is likely part of the problem. Part number D8700-JF00D was part of the service bulletin and may be found on some early-build 370Zs in the 2012 model year or may have been installed in after-purchase repairs to other steering column items.

Another option is to bypass the SLUA altogether with a new steering lock harness made specifically to do so. Some aftermarket suppliers, such as the CarKit Company, have these for 2009-2012 Z cars. Creative do-it-yourselfers can easily create their own jump kit to serve the same purpose. This will only work if the steering has not locked or if it can be unlocked before installation.

The video below shows that kit in action. Below that, you'll find a link to the NTSB from Nissan which includes detailed replacement procedures for the steering lock assembly on the 2009+ 370Z.

NTSB P3208

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