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Video of Nissan GT-R NISMO smashing Nurburgring goes viral

A video in the Nissan Newsroom on YouTube features Michael Krumm, the storied race driver, putting the new GT-R NISMO to the track at Nurburgring and giving commentary about his and the car's performance as he shatters records. Check it out.

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What is is like for a professional driver to take on the Nurburgring? What if he's doing it in one of the hottest new supercars available?

Those are questions answered by the awesome video made by Nissan on their official YouTube channel. Race legend Michael Krumm, NISMO Brand Ambassador, takes the new Nissan GT-R NISMO out on the Nurburgring for a run and shatters the old record for the GT-R (as well as records for several others) with a time that makes it the fastest GT-R ever.

Video showcasing Krumm making the GT-R NISMO's time of 7:08.679 on the track has gone viral, hitting over 114,000 views on Nissan's channel and being re-posted on countless other sites and channels for thousands more.

The video is fascinating and worth watching at least once, even if you're not a GT-R fan. Krumm did an after-run commentary narration for it explaining what he was thinking, what was happening in the car, and how he approached various sections of the famous race track as he made the run.

You'll see in this video that he made mistakes that he could correct to bring in an even better time as well as how the car's super-grip with the road helped him sail corners at higher speeds (which he refers to as gears, since racers rarely watch the speedometer). At seven minutes, eight seconds, though, no one can argue that even his flawed run was legendary:

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