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Nissan's Marketing Innovation Lab is looking for No-Fear startups [video]

Nissan has put together a Marketing Innovation Lab made up of experts with experience in marketing and technology to find and help build startup companies with great ideas. Their first? A little company with a college-level fantasy football league app. Check it out in this video.

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Stadium Stock Exchange (SSE) is a startup with an app and website that allow enthusiasts to build teams and play college-level fantasy football. They are also the first company chosen by the new Nissan Marketing Innovation Lab to receive their help in marketing their product.

Nissan's team, convinced by the SSE team that they have a viable business plan, offer their marketing expertise and help promoting the product for SSE and in exchange, Nissan receives premium ad placement on SSE's app and website. The $50,000 investment by Nissan is a large portion of the seed money the startup needs to move forward and the advertising and marketing expertise offered by Nissan's team will help them use it wisely to promote themselves.

"I grew up in Birmingham and all we've got is college football. Ever since middle school my friends and I have always wanted a way to play college fantasy football," said William Schreiber, CEO of Stadium Stock Exchange.

"As a startup we are very, very good at some things, and horrible at everything else. So what Nissan has brought to the table is marketing expertise. They have given a couple of developers insight into how we might convince people to play our game," said Schreiber.

Schreiber started the company in 2012 when he was a senior at Vanderbilt University. Nissan found him through Nashville's Entrepreneur Center, a non-profit that helps accelerate ideas into concrete companies.

"Startup companies know no fear. They are trying new technologies, new designs, new ways to market; they're very close to their customers. So for a large company like Nissan, having an engagement around the startup community and younger entrepreneurs keeps that freshness in the company," said Michael Burcham, president and CEO, Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

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