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Nissan LEAF at the Head of a Record-setting Pack

What electric car was the most-represented at the world's largest-ever electric vehicle parade? You guessed it..

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Ask any general or kid in a candy parlor and you'll learn that there are advantages in numbers. Being the best-selling electric car of all time, the Nissan LEAF definitely has the numbers advantage. When it comes to electric cars, more is merrier, most EV enthusiasts will agree. So when Plug-in America's National Drive Electric Week commenced last week and through the weekend, of the cars that showed up to participate in the EV parade in California, the LEAF was the most-represented of all.

There are about 61,000 Nissan LEAF cars in the United States now. This prompted Nissan to become the official automotive sponsor for National Drive Electric Week. But they aren't taking all the credit.

"The fact that there are more manufacturers coming in now proves that it is a viable alternative out there and that we are doing the right thing. To see Kia coming into the market – now Volkswagen in a couple of months – they will be very mainstream vehicles, and it makes us look even stronger as the leader," said Toby Perry, director, Nissan EV marketing.

The LEAF also inspires clubs and fans everywhere, including the San Francisco BayLEAFs, who organized with the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley and SAP to attempt a Guinness World Record for the most electric cars in one parade. 507 cars showed up in one place and history was made. Watch the video.

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