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Nissan launches Passion Genome project to find your passions so you can win

Nissan has created an interactive visual experience that uses Facebook to find your passions. Find yours, share them on Facebook or Twitter, and you could get $1,000 Amazon gift card for being so friendly. Find out more.

Nissan says that "Our passions are what make us who we are." To that end, and to promote the new Versa Note, the automaker has launched a Passion Genome project online to link people and their passions through social media. If you link with yours and share that experience with your friends, you could win one of eight $1,000 gift cards from for it.

The Passion Genome is a simple website that you log into via Facebook. It then looks through your likes, shares, and so forth and creates a "genome" portrait of you (from any photo you choose from your profile) made up of thousands of tiny links between your top six passion categories and the things that created them. Delving into your Passion Genome, you can then see how you fit within an expanded universe of people and their passions from around the globe.

My Passion Genome, for example, is pictured above. I have six passions listed, which include the broad categories of music, politics, automotive (of course), friends (I share a lot), business friends (I like a lot of businesses), and literature. When I click on those passion points on my new genome photo, I find subcategories of things I've shared or liked and others who've done the same, in an intricate and rather pretty visual representation of those links and points.

"We are all part of a greater whole, and the rapid growth of social networks has made that clearer than ever before," said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America. "The Passion Genome displays passions and connections in an extraordinary and fascinating way, and we at Nissan can't wait to see how it resonates with everyone who explores it."

If you create a Passion Genome for yourself and then share it on Facebook or Twitter using the #MyPassionPortrait hashtag, you will be entered into a drawing to be one of eight winners of a $1,000 gift card from courtesy of Nissan and the all-new 2014 Versa Note.

To create your own Passion Genome, visit and log in via Facebook. The project is kid-friendly and does not share your information with anyone nor identify the others you are not already connected with when you explore your genome.