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Mercedes builds invisible hydrogen fuel cell car

The Mercedes F-Cell fuel cell demonstrator is on a world tour which launched at the end of January, but with a twist: it is invisible.

What do you do if you're a car manufacturer with one of the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road today and you want to promote it on a world tour? Why, you make it invisible so no one can see it, that's what you do.

Actually, the premise behind the latest marketing campaign from Mercedes is far cooler than that. The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell concept began its world tour on January 30 after a brief rest from its Asian tour last year through China. Because it failed to get the buzz Mercedes wanted, they've decided to take a different tack with this year's tour: 30,000 kilometers across four continents and 14 countries in 125 days.. while invisible.

The invisibility is on two levels: First, as an HFCV, the F-Cell produces no emissions at the tail pipe other than water, so it is "invisible" to the environment and nature. Second, engineers covered one side of the car in LED strips and put a camera on the other side of the car, the images from which project onto the LEDs, rendering the car nearly invisible.

The Klingon Cloaking-style invisibility is definitely an eye-catcher and wowed German street pedestrians on its debut. Check it out in the video below:


Mark Tipton (not verified)    March 10, 2012 - 9:45PM

Bad news for all those AGW believers if this does become popular and "takes off". The cameras are really cool though ... now if they could just make it a 360 degree view!