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First Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow sold in New York [video]

The first custom-designed NV200 Taxi has been sold by a local dealership in New York to a 12-year veteran NYC cabbie, Ranjit Singh. Find out why he chose this taxi and more in this video report.

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The first Nissan NV200T - also known as the Taxi of Tomorrow - has been sold to a 12-year cab-driving veteran named Ranjit Singh (medallion #7F20) in New York. He purchased the cab through a local dealership and took his first fare in it on October 23 at JFK International Airport before dropping the first fare at 13th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

There are eight dealerships in the New York City area now carrying the NV200T, but they're saying that they cannot keep them on the lot and are having to order them as fast as they can be delivered from the production plant to waiting customers. The custom-designed taxis are a hit with NYC cabbies who had a hand in designing the vehicles for their market.

With a combination of safety, passenger comfort, taxi cab-specific ergonomics, excellent driver comfort, and all-around visibility including backup cameras and more, the NV200T is a great fit for cab drivers.

Singh, the new NV200T owner, plans to put about 400,000 miles on the new tax in the next five years, spending as much as 12 hours a day in the driver's seat. "You spend like 10, 12 hours in a taxi. You spend the same hours at home. So you have to be comfortable in the taxi," Singh says in this video report:

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