360-degree Le Mans in a GT-R

The Coolest Thing You'll See All Day - A 360-degree Circuit of Le Mans in a Nissan GT-R

Take the first-ever 360-degree filmed lap around the Le Mans circuit. In this GT-R versus GT-R NISMO race, you'll see the coolest thing you've seen all day. Show your friends!

This will be the most awesome five minutes you've spent all day. Jump into a Nissan GT-R and take a 360-degree lap tour of the Le Mans circuit battling a Nissan GT-R NISMO. You can control the camera and look at whatever you'd like from whatever angle (centered on the car) you want. Watch the sky, check out the grandstands as you speed past, or watch the track and turn to follow the curves just before the car makes the turn.

This film comes courtesy of Nissan who'se NISMO team took out a pair of production Nissan GT-R cars out on the track at Le Mans just after a test session. The circuit was closed at the time, so it's like you have the whole track to yourself.

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Note: if you don't have the Chrome browser or the YouTube iOS or Android app, this will likely just look like a fish eye view. With the app or browser, you can use your mouse or finger to move the view around without the fish eye effect.

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