Overhaulin Velocity interview

Chip Foose and Overhaulin returning to TV

The popular auto restoration design show Overhaulin, featuring restoration legend Chip Foose, will be returning to cable television this fall on Velocity part of the Discovery Network.

Premiering October 2, the new Overhaulin' will star designer Chip Foose alnog with returning co-stars Chris Jacobs and Jessi Combs, a fabrication and restoration expert in her own right and star of Velocity's All Girl Garage.

The new Overhaulin' will emphasize the human stories behind the restoration with this year's projects including cars from returning war veterans, people losing everything because of the economy, and more. As with the original, each auto restoration will become a life-changing surprise and alteration for the unknowing owner.

Overhaulin is a favorite show amongst car lovers because it features both design and restoration legend Chip Foose and the human element, focusing on people in need and how something as simple as a "stolen" car suddenly being returned to them fully restored can alter their lives for the better. In candid camera style, the show shows us how one vehicle, often sitting rusting in a garage, can bring a family together, become a moving piece of art to commemorate a loved one, or positively change the direction of someone's life.

"Velocity is the perfect home for OVERHAULIN'. From the look and feel of the network to the knowledge and passion of their viewers; there's no better place for this franchise," said Foose. "I am especially proud that the all-new OVERHAULIN' is about more than just cars. These real human stories show how vehicles can be a catalyst for cherished memories."

Velocity launched last October on the Discovery Communications Network targeting an upscale audience of men. It airs in HD-only and focuses on automotive, sports and leisure programming.

The show airs on October 2 with a full season of episodes this fall.

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I enjoy the storys on overhauling. I think the ones that would touch the most of the viewers would be the struggling family that has a car with 160 thousand miles and can't afford to buy a new car. My daughter is a good example as she waits to see if her job will be full time or not. To refirbish her car will be god sent and it would be a true middle class story that shows how hard you have to work here in florida to keep moving foward. A new ride is something West Coast Customs did for a viewer on a raffel type event. It was kool seeing the father complete a restore with their help. Thank You Dawns Dad
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, my husband and son both combat veterans bought a 1954 Chevy and were going to try to restore it but my husband suffered a stroke and is unable to do it. My hiusband loved your show and follows you on the internet. My husbands friends told me to contact you and you might be able to help me restore it for him. I would appreciate anything you may be able to do, and if not God bless you. Betty Conlan 1-631-875-2616
I have a 1968 tempest ,runs but the starter is staying ingauged and even caught on fire twice . I cant get anybody to help me fix it . Ive had at least 55 skin cancer surgeries and im going through radiation now . I had breast cancer .. i cant afford to pay all the money at one time to have it fixed , but i can make payments monthly. Please help me . My phone no. Is 863 438 9695 im not good with computers , i cant get my e mail to go through
Are you still taking submissions to have someone overhauled by you? I have a special request and don't know where to send it to. Thank you.
Greetings, I am a disabled Vietnam Era Vet who just had my 4th back surgery, (I can provide any proof you need), who purchased a 1970 Dodge Challenger over the internet. Is it possible for me to be considered for an overhaul? I live in South Jersey, if not thank you for your time!
I have a 1985 olds cutlass in excellent shape that I would love for Chip Foose to overhaul. I live in the middle of the thumb in Cass City, Mi. I have watched many overhauling shows and I truly believe that Chip is the best of the best.