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Can Adam Levine Sing The New Maroon 5 Single While Being Given the Full Nissan GT-R Treatment?

In a new two-minute video, Adam Levin of Maroon 5 and a star on NBC's The Voice attempts to sing the band's new single Sugar while flying around a closed course in a Nissan GT-R. Watch the result.

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Nissan has partnered with Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 and a coach on NBC's Emmy-award Winning The Voice. The latest result of that collaboration is a two-minute video in which Levine attempts to sing Maroon 5's new single, Sugar, while being driven in a track-ready Nissan GT-R around a closed course by a professional driver.

Nissan has an existing partnership, spanning multiple seasons, with The Voice and this expansion of that brings Adam Levine into a situation that the singer may not have been ready for. In the video below, you'll see he's pretty excited and thinks he's ready for the car as he accepts Nissan's challenge to try to sing the song while being drive in the GT-R.

This is the first of a handful of vignettes that Nissan and The Voice have planned over the next few weeks. The next one airs on November 25 and the final one on December 2 during the show itself, which airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm Central.

You'll see in the video how well Levine did on his quest to keep his cool and his voice working during his 545-horsepower supercar street slam. What do you think? Could you hold your own while being driven like this? Those of us who've experienced the Nissan GT-R know that even remembering to breathe while you're cornering and keeping your face from contorting into massive grins while accelerating in Godzilla is a feat on its own.

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