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30 Years of NISMO Engineering Celebrated As #30YearsOfMaverick

Nissan is celebrating thirty years of "maverick engineering" as its performance arm, NISMO, has its birthday ensconced in a hashtag.

Nissan is celebrating 30 years of NISMO engineering with a week of events around the world, focusing on activity at major motorsport events in the U.S. and Europe as well as online through video and hashtagged events using the #30YearsOfMaverick tag.

The celebrations, which began yesterday in Japan, is marking the roles people have played in the NISMO story. This will spill over into current events, including celebrations at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas and the world famous Nurburgring in Germany.

Nissan will be giving away tickets through local car clubs and social media to this weekend's race events (FIA World Endurance in Austin and Blancpain in Germany).

"Starting from the company's first president, Yasuharu Namba, today's NISMO owes its success to the hard work and sacrifice of our many predecessors," said NISMO president, Shoichi Miyatani. "It also could not have grown to this extent had it not been for the support of all our fans, sponsors and collaborating companies. I would like to thank everyone for all their support throughout the years."

Events officially kicked off in Yokohama, Japan yesterday and will continue through the company's press conference in Austin today and the race there on Saturday. Sunday will mark events in Germany for Blancpain followed by a preview of a new NISMO road car Monday. The final event will be held on Tuesday with the NISMO Nurburgring Experience for fans and owners.

NISMO launched in Japan on 1984 and saw the first Nissan vehicle at Le Mans in 1986. A Spa 24 Hour win in 1991, a Daytona win the next year, and continued introductions and wins throughout its history mark NISMO. This year, the first GT-R NISMO was delivered, the ZEOD RC made the first all-electric lap at Le Mans, NISMO took the LM P2 class at Le Mans, is currently leading the Super GT title race, and will soon unveil a new GT-R LM NISMO car.

Not a bad 30 years.