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Ten Fastest Selling Cars List Topped by 2011 Hyundai Elantra

One of the best metrics for determining a car's popularity is how long it sits on a dealer's lot and based on that statistic, the 2011 Hyundai Elantra is the fastest selling car on the U.S. market.

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That is the result of research compiled by 24/7Wall based on information supplied by It shows the 2011 Hyundai Elantra only sits on dealer lots for 12 days. The next most popular vehicles are the 2011 Audi Q5 and the Kia Soul at 13 days. None of the vehicles take more than 16 days to sell, which means you can't be expecting to find deals on any of these vehicles.

One aspect of the list that is overlooked, which is surprising considering its from a financial website, is the low days to turn sometimes reflects just-in-time manufacturing practices. The Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Ala., for example is turning out cars as fast as it can but it's not turning out more than it needs.

Here is the list as compiled by 24/ author Douglas McIntyre. The numbers are compiled by 24/7WallStreet. The commentary is all TorqueNews, but would you expect anything less?

One quick note if you happen to read the article. McIntyre refers to the Nissan Maxima as being competition for the Hyundai Elantra. He most likely meant the Nissan Altima. Also, his list goes from 10 to 1, which makes no sense because the Elantra is ranked 10th when it's obviously in the number one spot.

1. Hyundai Elantra
Days to Turn: 12
Price: $16,445
Configuration: 4 Cyl, 4 Door
The Hyundai Elantra is still selling well in spite of hype about it not really getting 40 mpg as claimed by the EPA. This is a solid compact car that is stylish, fun to drive, and relatively affordable. You're not going to be disappointed by its fuel economy either.

2. Audi Q5
Days to Turn: 13
Price: $35,600
Configuration: Turbo 4 Cyl, 5 Door
This is the right-sized version of the Audi Q7, a massive SUV that soaks up gasoline like a thirsty camel after a long desert's march. The Audi Q5, though, is powered by four-cylinder turbo engine that sips fuel in comparison.

3. Kia Soul
Days to Turn: 13
Price: $13,900
Configuration: 4 Cyl — 16 Valve, 5 Door
It's good to see quality, even in the funky styling of the Kia Soul, get rewarded. This is a comfortable, compact crossover utility vehicle that you would be happy to have in your driveway, especially if it came with those Gangsta Hampsters.

4. Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Days to Turn: 14
Price: $38,140
Configuration: 6-Cyl Hybrid, AWD 5-Door
The popularity of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid demonstrates that Americans are basically lemmings. Tell them it's a Toyota and a hybrid and their irrational minds kick in. Buying a Highlander Hybrid does not save you money because it takes 9 years – yes, 9 years – to recoup the additional cost of the standard Highlander over the hybrid version.

5. Hyundai Accent
Days to Turn: 15
Price: $14,195
Configuration: 4 Cyl, 4 Door
Small is big when it comes to new car sales. Consumers are skittish but they still want new and they want low-price value. Add in a strong warranty and it's easy to see why the Hyundai Accent.

6. Mercedes M-Class
Days to Turn: 15
Price: $48,990
Configuration: 6-Cyl, 5 Door-SUV
The M-Class is all new for 2012 and it is an amazing improvement over the previous generation. The popularity and its newness may account for it being in short supply. Odds are good that barring an incredible competitor coming to market in the luxury class that this will continue to be a big seller.

7. Subaru Outback
Days to Turn: 15
Price: $23,295
Configuration: 4-Cyl Boxer Engine, 5-Door
Subaru has come a long way in its recent history with vehicles that appeal to the mainstream. Especially appealing about the Outback is its all-wheel drive effectiveness combined with relative high fuel efficiency.

8. BMW X3
Days to Turn: 15
Price: $36,850
Configuration: 6-Cyl, 5-Door SUV
Frankly, this used to be a stupid little SUV that felt like it was brought to market just so BMW could have a compact SUV for sale. The second generation is much improved and deserving of the BMW name.

9. Lexus RX 450h
Days to Turn: 16
Price: $45,235
Configuration: 6-Cyl Hybrid, 5-Door SUV
The Lexus RX 450h doesn't necessarily get a lot of love from the mainstream automotive media but it's a proven winner in the marketplace as witnessed by its continuously strong sales. This is one hybrid SUV that gets the job done on a lot of levels.

10. BMW X6
Days to Turn: 16
Price: $59,300
Configuration: 8-Cyl, 5-Door Crossover
There must be some hidden reason that the BMW X6 is doing well because any obvious reasons are elusive after driving one. What could possibly make this vehicle so popular? It rightfully earns the nickname of BMW Aztek. See the list of the 100 worst cars of all time to understand that reference.

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