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Mitsubishi Will Introduce Concept Global Small Car in Geneva

Mitsubishi is the latest Japanese manufacturer to announce its plans for the 2011 Geneva Auto Show with its introduction of the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small that shows what the company plans to deliver when it is built in 2012 in Thailand.

The company is enjoying sales success in most parts of the globe except for the United States, where it could use a stronger sales total. Its 2010 sales were up 3 percent but that actually lags behind an overall growth in sales of about 7 percent.

The features of the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small include good maneuverability and easy operation, an inherent of a compact car, accomplished in to an efficient package that can comfortably seat five adults, according to Mitsubishi. In addition, the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small achieves top-of-class fuel efficiency, with CO2 emissions in the mid-90g/km range due to:

  • Usage of an idling stop mechanism
  • A 1.0 – 1.2L class compact engine equipped with a regenerative braking system
  • Weight trimming to the most complex parts
  • Reduced running resistance in the engine, new-generation CVT, brakes, and tires
  • A body shape that greatly reduces aerodynamic resistance.

Mitsubishi will display a total of 12 vehicles (6 during press days), including vehicles already on sale in Europe, in addition to the 100% electric i-MiEV, of which about 2,500 units (including includes Peugeot iOn and Citroën C-ZERO) have already been shipped to Europe within three months since its start of production and shipment in October 2010.

The following cars will be shown in Geneva:

  • MITSUBISHI Concept Global Small
  • i-MiEV (European-spec model)
  • ASX (European-spec model, RVR in Japan, Outlander Sport in the United States)
  • Outlander
  • Pajero
  • Montero (Shogun in some markets)
  • L200 (Built in Thailand)
  • Lancer Sportback (Galant Fortis Sportback in Japan)
  • Lancer Evolution (Lancer Evolution X in Japan)
  • Colt