Mercedes-Benz booth at Consumer Electronics Show
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Mercedes-Benz Making Big Splash at Consumer Electronics Show

For the first time, Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, will deliver a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is fast becoming an alternate stage to the Detroit Auto Show.

The Consumer Electronics Show being held from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is billed as the largest convention annually in Sin City. It has become a must-attend for domestic and international auto makers wanting to make an impact.

Zetsche will deliver a keynote address to discuss the true meaning of the connected vehicle - both what it is and what it isn't - at 11 a.m. Tuesday, January 10, at the Las Vegas Hilton Theater. This is his first appearance at the show and comes hard on the tails of a Mercedes-Benz and smart presentation at the Detroit Auto Show.

During the Consumer Electronics Show, Mercedes-Benz will demonstrate innovations including:

* mbrace2 - Mercedes-Benz's pioneering communications platform, offering the most comprehensive cloud-based system to date, accelerating the process of empowering drivers to customize their vehicle ownership experience. The mbrace2 system enables a range of features and services related to safety, information, entertainment, personal assistance and vehicle care. These include cloud-based apps, traffic and navigation assistance, speech recognition, Internet browsing and searching, concierge services, automatic crash notifications, and more. The new platform is being shown as it will appear inside the re-designed MY2013 Mercedes-Benz SL, the first of many vehicles that has mbrace2 as standard this year. Consider this OnStar on steroids.

* The mbrace2 smartphone app - Allows drivers to communicate and send information to their vehicle before getting inside. Drivers can use the app to find their vehicle, lock or unlock it, set valet parking protection, receive geo-fence alerts and Send2Benz, allowing drivers to socially connect with their friends and navigate to them. The geo-fence alert is what busts your kids when they drive where they are not supposed to be.

* Mercedes-Benz Latest Suite of Advanced Driver Assistance System- The most comprehensive active safety system which keeps drivers safe by preventing accidents before they happen. Mercedes-Benz has done some extensive work in automotive safety. It will be interesting to see what their next iteration is.

* The DriveStyle iPhone App - Coming later this year, Mercedes-Benz will offer the DriveStyle iPhone App, which allows drivers to interact with the vehicle rather than the phone, minimizing driver distraction. This technology will be demonstrated in the brand-new Mercedes-Benz C350 coupe.

* F125! Research Vehicle - As a highlight marking 125 years of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a visionary outlook on future technical developments in the luxury segment. The F125! research vehicle anticipates future trends and paves the way for innovative large and luxurious automobiles. The vehicle provides emission-free driving with a range of 621 miles.

* DICE, "Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience" simulator - Take a seat into the future and wave your hands to take control of the vehicle of the future.

Mercedes-Benz will be among many automotive companies with huge presences at CES, including Ford, Audi, and Kia, as well as hundreds of automotive electronics firms from around the world.

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