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Dazzling Interior Could Save 2015 Sonata

Hyundai has released a sketch of what the interior of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is going to look like in advance of the sedan's reveal later this month in its home market of South Korea and its U.S. debut in April on the eve of the New York Auto Show. The company needed to come up with something dazzling to resuscitate the gasping Sonata.

Not a lot of details are visible – call them broader strokes instead. It seems as if the new Sonata will get a larger infotainment screen that is placed higher on the dash. That should make it less distracting to use while cruising down the road.

There seems to be an abundance of wood trim used throughout. We say seems to be because until Hyundai releases more details we can't be sure what exactly that trim is made out of.

Some talk has centered on how the Sonata is going to be inspired by the Hyundai Genesis that was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. That seems to be true with similar details like the steering wheel, large monitor and prominent HVAC vents. Both also seem to share similar interior door designs.

In other words, it looks like Hyundai is introducing a smaller version of the Genesis with the 2015 Sonata. That's not a bad thing because the Genesis is a good looking car inside. Also, as pointed out in our piece on the exterior Sonata teaser image, the Sonata is not a carbon copy of the Genesis on the exterior, which is a good thing because the look wouldn’t work on a smaller car.

What isn't clear is how the Hyundai infotainment system is going to be controlled. In the Genesis there is a prominent control knob mounted below the shifter. It doesn’t appear to be there in the sketch from the new Sonata.

All in all, it looks like Hyundai has a beautiful interior in the new Sonata. Lets see if the sketches match reality later this month.