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How Will 2015 Hyundai Be Different in US?

A high-ranking Hyundai PR exec has sent out an intriguing email that indicates Americans will be seeing a different 2015 Sonata than was introduced in Korea last week. The question is: how different?


As part of an email invite for the exclusive North American debut the night before the 2014 New York Auto Show, this tantalizing tidbit was included, "You’ve likely seen the photos from the Korean-model launch that took place earlier this month. But we will be showing a car that is quite a bit different than what you’ve seen already."

Where it's bound to be different is the powertrain. Americans will have more choices when it comes to engines, including turbo and hybrid most likely. But what other tricks does Hyundai have up its sleeve?

The Korean automaker promises to show a car that is quite a bit different. We're not sure what more they could do with the interior because it already looks stunning. As previously reported at TorqueNews, the new model is 1.4 inches longer and 1.2 inches wider than the previous generation Sonata. That should lead to more interior space, which is always a gain in the American market especially. It should also be a more quiet cabin with Hyundai promising improvements on the noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) front.

Also, Hyundai is already promising a better handling car. As we also reported previously, it's going to have a 35 percent increase in torsional, bending strength and the use of advanced, high-strength steel.

What other features do you think will be significantly different with the 2015 Sonata when it debuts in New York? We promise to be there to bring you the latest details because we've already RSVP'd for the special intro. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think is coming. We'll find out on April 15 if you're right.


Lee Choong Hee (not verified)    March 31, 2014 - 2:54AM

Hi. I'm Lee Choonghee, journalist in South Korea.
First of all..thank you for good article like this page.
I was suprised in your article.
Because you wrote new SONATA in us will be different from Korean new SONATA last week.
Korean will mad if US SONATA were different spec. from Korean SONATA.

So I want to know about the fact of new SONATA in New York Auto Show.
If you don't have mind, please give me some feedback.
Thank you!!

Keith Griffin    March 31, 2014 - 10:40AM

Lee - all I can go on is what the PR person said. I'm hoping to get more details soon. Maybe as soon as this week. I will keep readers posted! But my guess is it will be a powertrain difference and, maybe, something to do with the electronics inside.