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BYD Will Unveil Two New Green Vehicles at Geneva Motor Show

First it introduced an electric bus in Changsha, now BYD, the Chinese automaker, is poised to unveil two new green vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1.

The two new green vehicles, one a pure electric crossover and the other a dual-mode SUV, are being presented as part of BYD's global strategy "Three Green Dreams" for the European market. The new 5-seater crossover, the e6-Eco has an expected range of 300 kilometers (or about 180 miles) in urban road conditions. The amazing thing about the e^-Eco is it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge with a fast charger 100KW. That fast charger is the future of electric vehicles, especially if they are offered at restaurants where people will easily spend 40 minutes while their electric vehicles are charging.

The SUV, called the S6DM, is kind of like the Chevy Volt. It travels more than 60 miles on electric power alone and more than 495 km (310 miles) with enhanced battery life with a 2.0-liter, high efficiency petrol engine. It has a 10 kW electric motor with a six-speed transmission with dual-clutch that drives the front wheels, while a powerful 75kW electric motor drives the rear wheels.

Three Green Dreams is based on the three pillars of BYD's research and development:

  1. affordable solar energy
  2. Energy Storage environmentally friendly
  3. Transportation electrified

Solar energy will be a major emphasis of the Three Green Dreams presentation. BYD feels the clean energy generated by solar power stations can be stored in energy storage station, and charge electric vehicles efficiently according to user needs.

As the largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in the world, BYD entered the car business in 2003 and has maintained a solid growth rate. It has held a press conference at the Detroit Auto Show in 2010 but has not sold a car in North America yet.

Note: Some information for this article was obtained from a press release originally published in Spanish and then translated by Google.

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