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Baldwin-Motion and Redline to Build 800 Horsepower 2011 Camaros

The 2011 Chevrolet Camaro comes with a 6.2-liter, 426-horsepower V8 engine unless you’re ready to pony up a few bucks. Then you can own a Baldwin-Motion and Redline Motorsports Camaro that puts out an almost mind-boggling 800 horsepower.

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Currently, the most powerful Camaro you can buy straight from GM, the 6.2-liter starts at $33,945. Plan on spending more than double that for the Motion Camaro. Its pricing is going to start around $80,000.

“We produced extremely expensive, coachbuilt Camaros between 2005-2009. This time it’s different. Our new Motion 427 & 454 Camaros are much more affordable and drivable, starting at under-$80,000, and will be hard to beat on the street or at a show. I’ve ordered the first one (#001), a limited-production, 800-horsepower supercharged Phase III 427-SC Supercar,” said Joel Rosen, a . Brooklyn dyno-tuner, hot rodder, street racer and national record holding drag racer, who turned a simple 427 Camaro engine swap into an empire and has catapulted Baldwin-Motion and Motion into internationally respected performance brands.

Every Motion Camaro will be built to order at Redline and tuned by Howard Tanner on its DYNOmite 1,400 horsepower Eddy Current Load dyno. A full dyno report as well as official Baldwin-Motion documentation will go with each car.

Sanctioned, serialized and signed by Joel Rosen, each 2011 Motion SS & Phase III Camaro will be delivered with custom Motion VIN plates and complete documentation. To prevent future cloning of Motion Camaros, Rosen and Carlton will be establishing a confidential Motion Registry detailing VINs, vehicle specifications and original purchaser data.

Specially prepared 427 and 454 engines power the latest iterations of the legendary Baldwin-Motion Fantastic Five: 2011 SS & Phase III Camaros, dyno-rated at 525 (SS-427) to 800 horsepower (427-SC Supercar). Howard Tanner is President of Redline Motorsports, a speed shop specializing in fuel-injected vehicles in Schenectady, NY. He and his team are the builders. Dan Carlton, General Manager, DeNooyer Chevrolet’s Performance Division in Albany, NY is handling client contact.

“It’s great that the folks at DeNooyer Chevrolet and Redline Motorsports have embraced the Baldwin-Motion heritage of using the latest GM 427 and 454 high-performance factory engines in their new Motion Camaros,” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, Product Integration Manager, General Motors Performance Parts.

Tanner is a highly skilled engine calibrator and dyno-tuner as well as an experienced builder of large-displacement GM vehicles, including Camaros and Corvettes. Carlton, a respected racer, successful GM of luxury brand dealerships and former Chevrolet dealership principal, has years of experience selling both imported and domestic high-performance vehicles. He is a former New York State Ice Racing Champion and currently competes in sports car, ice racing and Modified motorsports.

More information is available at the Baldwin-Motion website

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