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2015 Hyundai Genesis Breaks Out Strong

The early buzz on the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is fairly strong with few negative words about the near-luxury sedan. It was rolled out to the media in Arizona last week and reviews have been published in the last 24 hours.

At Automobile Magazine, Ronald Ahrens wrote, "Sweetly riding even on low-profile Kumho tires yet showing a hint of sportiness, the Genesis is such a pleasant and nice sedan, we have to ask why Buick didn’t have one just like it ten or even fifteen years ago. It’s comfortable and quiet, lovely inside, and important-looking outside. One of the few things we can fault it for is the lack of a rich smell with the V-8’s standard “Ultra Leather” upholstery."

Over at Digital Trends, Peter Braun wrote, "Crammed with more goodies than a Sharper Image backed by stunning exterior bodylines and a new grille, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis stands out from the luxury pack in a serious way."

Popular Mechanics takes the odd step of referring to the new Genesis as a 2014 model but it's a 2015. Honest. Mike Spinelli writes, "The driving character is big improvement over the previous model. Hyundai enlisted engineers from Lotus engineering to provide subjective feedback and tune the car's driving dynamics. The relationship appears to have worked, as the previously vague sedan has come into clearer focus on the road."

Aaron Gold, writing at, said, "The Genesis' suspension was firmer than I expected, and the car performed admirably in the corners. The steering is significantly better than Hyundai's front-drive cars, if not quite up to BMW standards. Overall, it's a smooth, solid drive, one that will come as a real surprise to those who have not driven a Hyundai in recent years."

And finally, just because it will piss off enthusiasts, we include perspective from Consumer Reports, which borrowed a V6 and V8 model for a first-drive impression. "We knocked our last tested Genesis for having a fidgety ride and handling that fell below sports sedan standards. The 2015 model feels decidedly more agile, with quick steering response and even-keel cornering attitude. The ride is now much more settled, but still a bit shy of plush. The cabin is quiet. The engines are both strong. The V8 delivers rocket-like thrust, with 429 eager horsepower on tap. The eight-speed is as smooth and unobtrusive as they come."