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10 Things to Know About the 2015 Hyundai Genesis

Driving impressions of the new 2015 Hyundai Genesis are banned until April 7 but that doesn't mean we can't share some things to know about it before then.

The Hyundai Genesis has been kicking butt in terms of sales. Mid-luxury sedan sales are up 24% since 2008; Genesis sales are up 46%.

The Hyundai Genesis is ranked number one in customer loyalty by J.D. Power and Associates and we can't elaborate more but expect it to continue that way with the 2015 model.

According to Dave Zuchowski, president and CEO of Hyundai Motors America, "The Genesis is being built to attract customers we've never seen before." One way that is being done is through the HTRAC all-wheel drive system.

The all-wheel drive system is dual mode and can deliver 100% of the power to the axles that need it. The AWD is designed for inclement weather driving as well as dry pavement fun.

Zuchowski says the new Genesis will attract younger buyers. Currently owners average 65 and older. New buyers, the brand hopes, will be 38 to 55.

55% of Genesis buyers are conquests from brands like Accord and Camry (40%) and Lexus ES and Mercedes-Benz E class.

The Genesis is designed to compete against the Cadillac CTS, Lexus GS, Infiniti Q70, BMW 528 and the Mercedes-Benz E350.

The Genesis is incredibly important to Hyundai because of the wealth of its ownership. Average household income is $143,860 for Genesis buyers. It's $84,034 for the rest of the brand. The Hyundai Equus and Genesis raise the rest of the brand.

Hyundai admits the current Genesis was nothing to write home about. JohnKrsteski, design manager, said, "The current car had an identity but it was passive."

The wheelbase of the Genesis has grown 2.9 inches but the overall length is up only .2 inches. It is the longest car, widest car, has the longest wheelbase, and most passenger volume in its class (and is second in cargo space).