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Beautiful Toyota Model Shares Her Auto Show Experience

More than pretty faces, Auto Show models play a crucial role in representing carmakers. Here is the story of one of these unsung Toyota specialists.


Let’s face it, we go to auto shows to see cars, innovations and what is coming around the bend. But we also go to see how the cars are shown. And by the same token, who is representing them. How a car is presented, whether new or a concept is crucial if we are to get it and eventually buy it. Having an attractive person who understands the technology behind and be knowledgeable is still what sells best. We, technology lovers are all too sensitive to the irresistible charm of an attractive lady who understands our adrenaline motorsports addiction and feeds that desire.

A Toyota Auto Show Model Talks. This interview of a Toyota model reveals us the hidden face of the life of an Auto Show model. It is tougher than you think and demands constantly engaging with curious people and nosy journalists. While most people see pretty faces, these ladies have to stand all day, interact, and talk all day while wearing high heel shoes and explaining the technology they represent... with a smile! Not a small task and homage is due here.

In the case of our beautiful Toyota model, her life is on the go constantly. Waking up at 5 am, running to airports, learning about the latest features and promises of a technological breakthrough is her daily routine. A routine that might seem appealing to many, these ladies are on the run one hundred day of the year. There are no days off when the show is on and pulling long days, hours on end is something they engage with a smile. Their role is crucial for car companies as they put a friendly, and appealing face on nuts and bolts.

These ambassadors of the appeal are required to not only be attractive but experts in their fields. Technically known as Product Specialists, they roam the country and are expected to feel equally comfortable talking about interior design, as drive train, engine capacity, as well as overall specifications. As if this wouldn’t be enough, they are expected to deliver all of this with charm and portray the image the car company aims to sell.

Most of these models have academic backgrounds ranging from acting, marketing sometimes with MBAs. Our model defines her job, tongue in cheek as eye candy but brain food. And that is what consumers expect these days, substantial instead of hollow promises, wrapped in an attractive fashion. Clothes are carefully chosen to match the image of the carmaker, as well as the personality of the specialist. These models are no longer the static image they used to be. They need to be intelligent and articulate about what they represent.

I’ve always had the most respect for them, walking along the many vendors seeing these ladies sometimes shivering form the over-used AC systems always smiling and engaging us intelligently, all of these on high heels. Kudos to you. You are the unsung heroes that grace our days and make the attraction of car technology even more appealing.

Image source of a Toyota Model: CNN Report Screenshot.