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Ford Blows Off Competition With Well Priced Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Ford deals another curved ball at the competition, nixing the premium fee on its luxury sedan MKZ hybrid. This is a direct blow to its closest competitors, the Lexus ES 350.

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Ford is still on the attack and has swung another blow at the traditional premium fee for hybrids. Its MKZ Hybrid will be available for the same price of the base gasoline-powered counterpart model. This makes it America’s most fuel-efficient premium midsize sedan, clearly showing Ford is not letting off the offensive.

The MKZ Competition. The all-new Lincoln MKZ midsize premium sedan not only shows how Ford sees the future of Lincoln, but strives at delivering more features with a lower starting price than its direct competition. And the best part is that there is no price premium for the new MKZ Hybrid.

Technically Speaking. The MKZ Hybrid comes with standard equipment including the award-winning 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which delivers 240hp with 22 mpg city, 33 mpg highway driving. The latest SYNC technology with MyLincoln Touch driver connect system, Lincoln Drive Control, a unique push-button shift, remote start, as well as LED headlamps and tail-lamps are also part of the package. A 60/40 split rear seat offers a stunning view through the retractable panoramic roof.

Ford’s Marketing Genius. Ford has handled its marketing with brilliant execution. Using a multi-level strategy, it successfully managed to get onboard an ever-growing innovative and non-traditional media movement. It also streamlined its design and manufacturing to a central location, and is now able to compete globally with affordable technology while the rest of manufacturers grapple with ancient, worn out business practices.

Lincoln Is Cool? While Lincoln for some evokes an image of a long gone era, the new one Ford is creative is making it more mainstream without loosing its luxury edge. How do you bring back an old brand destined for a plush class with modern technology and frugal gas consumption? By incorporating a hybrid version for the regular price of a gasoline car, Lincoln strikes a bold statement.

Price Wise. The price also shows Ford is still very aggressive about taking the lead in an industry still coping with the turmoil of a recession. Priced at $35,925, excluding $875 delivery and destination charge, the Lincoln MKZ hybrid and its gasoline version will certainly make a few think twice about other more expensive cars that deliver the same performance, if not less.

Ford is continuing an impressive offensive to show the world it has successfully maneuvered the turmoil of a down economy and its latest attack on the premium fee market is a testament to its determination. In a few months we will be able to gauge the results of this daring bet while we watch how the sales figures of the Lincoln MKZ hybrid fare against its regular gasoline counterpart.

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