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BMW i3 Spy Shot Video

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BMW has leaked “spy shots” of its all-electric i3. The German car manufacturer is resolutely serious about bringing the electric car and its plug-in hybrid sister, the i8 into the US, ahead of its local German competitors.

It’s funny looking back to a few years ago when German car manufacturers wholeheartedly booed electric cars preferring hydrogen and fine-tweaking diesel. A few years later, Audi introduced its stunning e-tron, Mercedes developed the A segment to carry batteries and more, but the real surprise came from BMW. BMW quietly developed the i3 and i8 after a few stints asking AC Propulsion to modify some MINIs and now testing a few ActiveE Series 1 electric cars.

The i3 & i8 Duo. With the i3 “MegaCity” electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid i8, BMW spared no expenses and resources. Using state of the art technology, light yet sturdy materials put together in the most ingenious ways, the company strikes a powerful blow to its local competitors. See our BMW Invests In Coulomb Technologies And Offers Online i8 Price. While Audi is still testing its e-tron on the Nurburgring ring three years after showing it to us, see our Audi Readies R8 e-tron After Nurburgring Electric Car Track Record and Mercedes working on a uniform A platform that can house a traditional internal combustion engine, battery only operated drivetrain, plug-in hybrid and of course, the inevitable German daring, the hydrogen fuel cell technology, BMW seems to have taken a serious lead with the electric drivetrain.

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By offering two cars, each uniquely carved out for a different segment of the market, the company will have a complete portfolio of electric car and plug-in hybrids. The i3, intelligently aims to seduce city dwellers, while the i8 squarely wants to wow those in search of performance and efficiency.

The latest spy shots also show the company is serious while binding its time refining such a drastic departure form its traditional combustion engine technology by leaking a few shots and videos here and there. See below the video via MotorAuthority.


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