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Tesla Model S deliveries commence in Europe, first expansion outside North America

Tesla's expansion of world-wide sales of the Model S met a big milestone with the first delivery in Norway (Europe).


Today, Tesla Motors made its first Model S delivery in Europe, in Oslo Norway. This marks the first expansion of Model S deliveries outside North America as the company begins to expand its sales and distribution network world-wide. Also today, the company announced total sales in Q2 2013 had risen to 5,150 units, up from 4,900 in Q1 2013.

Tesla Model S's sold in Europe have final assembly performed at the European Distribution Center in Tilburg, Netherlands. Workers at this facility perform assembly as well as localization for European laws, and the facility also handles parts distribution for all European service centers. (see Tesla Motors preparing to distribute the Model S in Europe and Canada)

Deliveries to Europe requires some transit time to ship the cars to the distribution center, and perform the final assembly. The cars being delivered now were manufactured during Q2 2013, and some of the cars manufactured during Q3 2013 are being shipped to Europe for delivery during Q4. Prices for the Model S are higher due to several costs: higher shipping and logistics costs; import duties. (see European Tesla Model S prices announced, deliveries beginning in early 2013)

In Norway, Tesla expects to sell 800 cars during 2013 based on current orders. Orders from Europe have grown every month since February, and Tesla expects in the long term that sales in Europe will be approximately equal to sales in North America.

Tesla now has 8 stores in Europe, and another 3 in Asia.

Over the next several weeks, the first European Superchargers will be installed with an initial focus on Norway. In that country, Supercharger service will cover about 80% of the population.