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Skoda furthering its push into the Chinese auto market

Czech automaker, Skoda, is trying to further it's push into the Chinese auto market. Currently China is Skoda's largest individual market by volume.

Skoda will give a sneak peak of what the automaker's future models will look like in China at the Auto China 2012 show in Beijing, featuring the MissionL design study.

The new Skoda compact sedan, which will be built by Shanghai Volkswagen, will be sold in China in 2013. The new compact sedan and the internationally successful Yeti compact SUV will be the brand’s fourth and fifth model lines in China, as Skoda prepares for additional growth in this very important market for Skoda and the Volkswagen Group. (The VW Group owns Skoda and the company is a subsidiary.)

Skoda as a brand has been in China since 2007, and China became its largest individual market by sales in 2010, and was also Skoda's largest market in 2011. The first quarter of 2012 has seen similarly strong numbers for the country.

Skoda's successful course in China has seen sales rise by 8.9 percent to 59,200 units compared to last year's 1st quarter of 2011, which was 54,400 units.

“ŠKODA is successfully implementing its international growth strategy and is on course to selling 1.5 million cars per year worldwide by 2018. China has a large part in the brand’s sales success today, and its importance will grow further in the years ahead,” said Skoda's CEO Winfried Vahland.

Globally Skoda is doing very well. Back in February the automaker built it's 14 millionth vehicle.

“Entering Chinese market five years ago was a good decision for our brand. Our number four and five model lines in China will strengthen our offensive from 2013 and help us expand our favorable position in the country even further,” Vahland added.

Skoda's new compact sedan will be sold in Europe starting in 2012 and in China in 2013, will constitute an important offering set between the Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Octavia.

The MissionL provides a preview of the compact sedan. In Beijing, Skoda will be showing a version modified according to China's demands. Skoda showed the MissionL’s European variant at the 2011 IAA in Frankfurt. Skoda also tries to be innovative with concepts such as the VisionD.

In addition, the brand’s stand at the Auto China 2012 will feature all its models currently being sold in China, which includes the Fabia, Octavia, Superb and also the Octavia Racing showcar. At the same time, the brand’s presence at the Auto China will be visibly marked by its celebration of five years in the Chinese market.

Skoda has had great success in China and hopes to continue to gain market share in this Asian economic powerhouse.