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Jorian Ponomareff has some amazing Drifting skills, on a Motorcycle

Have you every heard of Jorian Ponomareff? I am going to guess you have not! Jorian is a motorcycle stunt rider, and he does some amazing stunts. In his latest Youtube video, he demonstrates his incredible skill of... drifting on a motorcycle!

You heard that right, drifting on a motorcycle. At first it is a bit hard to fathom and for your brain to process. After all, I mean how do you “drift” on a motorcycle? It only has 2-wheels and not 4-wheels like a drift or rally car. Sometimes even for experienced riders, it can be troublesome to balance and maneuver a motorcycle. Trying to drift on one just sounds a bit crazy.

After watching the video though, you are able to see Jorian's motorcycle drifting skills. He's got to have a sixth sense and mastery for controlling, balancing, timing, turning, and handling motorcycles. Jorian is at a level few riders will or probably can attain. I can't imagine all the broken bones this guy must have gone through to gain the skills he has. Hopefully he has good doctors!

The video is bit reminiscent of one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos. (Ken Block is a rally car driver, that drifts in a car. Not quite as awesome as a motorcycle.) However, there is something a bit more down-to-earth about Jorian's videos. He doesn’t throw in explosions or special effects, he lets his riding speak for itself.

Jorian tends to like to throw in a bit of fun in some of his videos. In the latest video installment an attractive girl walks by, thus making him lose his balance and fall-off his motorcycle. He seems a bit phased, but gets right back into the groove of doing his amazing stunts. Funny, but it could definitely happen.

To be honest, a certain automotive writer hadn't heard about this Frenchman either, but with the wonders of the internet now TorqueNews readers have. I would not be surprised if Jorian Ponomareff became a household name among motorcycle riders, enthusiasts, and gearheads alike in the near future. Jorian has most likely not even started his rise to internet viral video phenomenon. I bet he's just getting started. Enjoy the videos!

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