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Labor Day weekend car sales boom at Braman Honda Miami

What does Honda and Labor Day Weekend have in common? Booming car sales and deals on one of the biggest car buying weekends of the year.
Posted: September 3, 2011 - 4:14PM
Author: KC Kelly

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During Honda’s Labor Day Weekend car sales event, which is going on now through Monday night at 9pm, the showrooms in Honda dealerships around the country are full of hustle and bustle with customers browsing and making some terrific deals on their dream cars. Salespeople on the floors of the dealerships are courteous and willing to help customers make the best choices of car to fit their specific and unique budgets and lifestyles.

From automobiles to financing choices, Honda has a wide array of products and services to accommodate any driver’s needs. Honda products have innovative technology, both in safety and comfort to better the lives of their consumers. With about twelve different models of cars, there is a Honda make and model that is perfect for you.

Labor Day weekend could mean great deals for car buyers

Braman Honda in Miami, Florida is one of the Honda dealerships that is making car buying as hassle-free as possible on this busy and chaotic Labor Day Weekend. With a showroom filled with cars and perspective customers, Mr. Carlos Diaz, the General Manager of Honda in Miami, took time to share how Labor Day Weekend affects the sales of his vehicles.

Diaz shared that traffic coming through his showroom on Labor Day Weekend is about 20-30% higher than on any other ordinary weekend. With traffic at a much higher rate this weekend, sales of their vehicles is also about 30% higher than other weekends as well.

Diaz shared that on Labor Day Weekend, the models of cars that sell the most are the Honda Accords and the Honda Civics. The same held true for last year, in not only the sales of the Accords and the Civics, but on the percentage increase in sales of all new Honda models.

Honda is also offering special Labor Day Weekend car sales and deals. The dealership is offering 0.9% financing for 60 months on every new Honda car. In the used car sales department, financing can be as low as 1.9% financing. All Labor Day Weekend specials last until Monday, so if you want great customer service from friendly and reliable staff, get into Braman Honda today.

Braman Honda in Miami is located at 7000 Coral Way in Miami, Florida. Their phone number is (305) 266-9900 and you can find Honda online at

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