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FordDirect offers texting for immediate information for Ford car shoppers

FordDirect has just announced that they are adding a new text messaging service to help customers quickly and efficiently get information sent directly to their cellular phones about buying Ford cars. This service has generated a “14% lead conversion rate by integrating mobile elements into all print, television advertising,” according to a PR Newswire Press Release.
Posted: September 7, 2011 - 12:10PM
Author: KC Kelly


FordDirect’s mobile service will now make it possible for consumers to receive quick, and specific information about Ford automobiles, by simply sending a text message from their mobile devices. This is how it works:

While a potential Ford customer is watching television and sees a commercial about a Ford vehicle they like, such as a Fusion, they can text a short code into their phones and in return, they will receive back great local offers on that particular vehicle. It’s shopping from your couch.

Potential Ford customers will also be prompted to text their zip codes to receive other important information, such as applicable incentives, for the particular vehicle they like. This is all amazing technology to help educate a consumer and enable them to get the best deals on products they want.

That’s not all though. FordDirect takes this another step as well. After texting their zip code for incentive information, potential customers can then text their name in order to receive a follow-up phone call from one of their local dealers. How easy and convenient is that? All right from a mobile phone.

FordDirect is powered by the mobile marketing and advertising company Hipcricket, an Augme Technologies, Inc. company. They offer services that are unique and innovative and use processes that integrate Ford brand print and television advertising to deliver information specific to the vehicles of interest to the customer, according to the press release.

Valerie Fuller, the Chief Operating Officer at FordDirect made this statement, “With consumers increasingly turning to their smart phones during their shopping process, it is becoming crucial for automakers and dealers to interact with auto customers through this medium. Our mobile service enables customers to engage with us immediately while their questions are at the top of their minds. The service also delivers additional customer referrals to Ford dealerships, enabling them to quickly reach out to the customer regarding the specific vehicle they are interested in."

Doug Stovall, the Senior Vice President of sales and client service at Hipcricket made this statement, "FordDirect had the vision to see how important mobile will be to their marketing efforts, and we were enthusiastic about helping them with such a unique deployment. We look forward to working with FordDirect in its ongoing mobile program and continuing the strong results we've seen so far."