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Porsche launches Instant Intelligence for smartphone users

Porsche customers can now use their smartphones to scan QR codes in a new Porsche's window for information and multimedia on the go.


Porsche has developed a new program called Instant Intelligence, which allows smartphone users to get information about Porsche cars instantly and on the spot. The goal is to give consumers more control over their shopping experience when researching a new Porsche, as well as allow them to get in touch with their nearest Porsche dealerships and service centers more easily. Furthermore, it acts as a 'virtual salesman' to a hopeful Porsche buyer who may be perusing a dealership after hours.

The Porsche Instant Intelligence program began as a pilot in early June, and 11 US dealers have already implemented it, with another 184 expected to do the same. A new car will have a QR-code-like encrypted picture in the window, which iPhone and iPad users can scan to get specific information about the exact car they're inspecting, as well as videos and even engine noises of that particular model. If the consumer so chooses, he or she can also provide contact information right on their phone for a Porsche salesman to follow up with.

Porsche Cars North America COO Michael Bartsch said "The dealers that have begun using mobile tags in their showrooms have noted positive feedback from their sales team as well as greater customer engagement and enthusiasm." The location-based smartphone app also provides available inventory, driving directions, and special offers at their nearest Porsche dealership. Many dealers will also be utilizing the SalesPad iPad 2 app, which allows walk-in showroom customers to build their own Porsche and a locator to show them where an exact match might be for sale.